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Introduction of Theme Development:

As good theme is an important part of a website, so we must concentrate on WooCommerce custom theme development. Not only that it is an online store or e-commerce site, blog website, service based website, information based website. So, it works functionally.

Importance of Theme Development:

If a visitor doesn’t feel better after visiting a web page, then he will not try to use it further, if he gets better one. As good theme is a key player for a WooCommerce website so that it maintains a website’s smart appearance. After that, how long a website’s visitor will stay on a web page depends on its theme and functionality. If a visitor gets a error free theme, then he can ensure to spend more time on your website. If a website designer applies good theme into his website, then a visitor will not be bored to visit the website. A visitor may spend more time, when he gets a beautiful website. Then the possibility is too high to get more business from a nice website.

Statistics of Theme Development:

Firstly, a good theme must need to be search engine friendly. Secondly, low coded WordPress theme is much more effective for SEO. And thirdly, utilizations of HTML tags into theme is very important thing. However most of the time ready made premium themes are used in multipurpose way instantly. Though it contains a lots of functions, methods, classes, tags, attributes, JS, CSS. As a result it is an ocean of codes. Certainly there are too many relevant irrelevant functionalities. Though some of them are useful for your business and some of them may be not. Although too many facilities or options create puzzles to manage website. But also site owners feel that they need to get Ph.D. on their control panel. Further they seek others help for changing a tiny thing on their website. As a result it may create more overhead against profit in the long run.
If multipurpose themes unnecessarily use extra resources like- bandwidth, memory, disk space etc,  then it will cause a slowdown in page speed, loss of business growth, and losing smoothness in business etc.

To sum up of Theme Development:

As Theme development service is necessary, so why not the WooCommerce custom theme development? As a result you will get a sustainable smooth business. However you love to go forward your online business career, we must suggest you to make your own theme with a unique design. In addition, it will create your own identity that will help to grow your brand.

WooXperto considers following things into WordPress WooCommerce custom theme development

  • Low coding
  • Re-useable coding practice
  • Proper HTML tag use
  • global CSS coding practice
  • necessary javascript coding
  • Flow SEO guideline for using HTML tags and attributes
  • W3 validation
  • Object oriented programming technic (OOP)
  • Developer friendly coding
  • Web Security issues
  • Make sure sustainable end product

Technologies we use-

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript ES6
  • JQuery latest version
  • Tailwind CSS Latest version
  • Bootstrap latest version
  • Material design latest version
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Parsley js
  • Chart js
  • PHP latest version
  • Git technology
  • Twig

WooXperto Custom WordPress theme always -

  • Low coded
  • Browser friendly
  • Error free
  • Fast loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy to rank in search engine
  • Ultimately your business will be boosted and growth will be high.

What we do under this service?

  • Figma to HTML, CSS, JS to WordPress theme development
  • XD to HTML, CSS, JS to WordPress theme development
  • Image to HTML, CSS, JS to WordPress theme development
  • Any inspiration to WordPress Custom theme development
  • PSD to WordPress theme development

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