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Meet our legendary team members

Every team member have great expertise in a particular arena. WooXperto team always connects each other until assuring a perfect product. And it’s a continuous process to go ahead.

Mahmudul Hasan


Name: Mahmudul Hasan
Designation: CEO
ID: 202301001
Phone: +88 019 2616 7151
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: O+

Masud Rana

WordPress Designer & Developer

Name: Masud Rana
Designation: WordPress Designer Developer
ID: 202301002
Phone: +88 019 8609 8609
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: B+

Riad Khan

Back end Developer

Name: Riad Khan
Designation: Back end developer
ID: 202301003
Phone: +88 019 5365 5424
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: O+


Full Stack Developer

Name: Tanvir Md. Al Amin
Designation: Full Stack Developer
ID: 202301004
Phone: +88 017 9581 5660
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: B+

Saleh Ahmad

Web Designer

Name: Saleh Ahmad
Designation: Web Desiginer
ID: 202301007
Phone: +88 017 4054 9569
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: O+

Wadud Khan

Graphics & UI Designer

Name: Wadud Khan
Designation: Graphics & UI Designer
ID: 202301005
Phone: +88 017 3501 1758
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: B+

Md. Hafizur Rahman Jony

Digital Marketer

Name: Md. Hafizur Rahman Jony
Designation: Digital Marketer
ID: 202301008
Phone: +88 017 2004 4423
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: A+

Arif Mundal

Digital Marketer

Name: Arif Mundal
Designation: SEO Executive
ID: 202301006
Phone: +88 015 6828 1939
Mail: [email protected]
Blood: O+