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Display Advance Custom Field at Single Product 

By September 4, 2023December 27th, 2023No Comments2 min read

Sometimes we need to add custom information at WooCommerce Products. We can add custom informations at WooCommerce product many ways such as using WooCommerce default hooks and WordPress add custom field feature and Also, there are many third-party plugins which we can use. All of that, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin is give us a change to add custom field to WooCommerce Products very easily.

Here I am going to tell you that, how can we add custom information at WooCommerce Single product easily, to using ACF plugin. For that, we need to follow below steps.

Advance Custom Field at Single Product

As per this screenshot you need to install Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to your site And after that, you need to create a new field group and add new custom field which are you want to add your WooCommerce products.

So, After added custom filed we need to add blow code as a codesnippet to your site.

PHP Sinppet 1: Display Advanced Custom Fields @ WooCommerce Single Product Page

By the way, if you dont know how to add a codesnippet and how to use it then you can follow our this article ( Display related product categories on grid in woocommerce single product page ) where you will learn how to use or add codesnippet.

How ever, after add above code snippet successfully you need to go product edit section and add new trade price for your product. See blow screenshot.


After click edit link you will find trade price custom field like below screenshot.


Now set your product trade price like above screenshot and click update to save change.

Now click view product link and you will see your custom field data display at your product successfully. See below screenshot.


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